The College of Europe’s Natolin Campus unveils a scholarship program tailored for young professionals originating from Moldova

The College of Europe, Natolin Campus, is delighted to announce a scholarship program tailored for young professionals in International European Relations from Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The Natolin Fellowship Programme caters to individuals passionate about delving into European affairs in political science, international relations, economics, law, history, journalism, and languages. However, applicants with diverse academic backgrounds, including STEAM-related disciplines, are encouraged to apply.

Eligible candidates must be citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, or Georgia, aged under 35, either postgraduates or recent Ph.D. graduates, and possess a proficient command of English equivalent to at least B1 level or higher.


The program spans 8 months, during which selected fellows will benefit from scholarships funded by the European Union.

The College of Europe is a pioneer and distinguished institution in postgraduate education and training in European affairs, maintaining its distinctiveness and innovative approach. Operating across two campuses in Bruges (Belgium) and Natolin (Warsaw, Poland), the College of Europe remains steadfast in its mission to offer graduates and young professionals a comprehensive understanding of Europe.

The application deadline for this prestigious opportunity is May 10th. Seize this chance to embark on an enriching educational journey with the College of Europe!

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