The first diesel fuel tanker from Romania arrived in Causeni. It will now be distributed to beneficiaries

The first tranche of the 4 thousand tons of diesel offered to the Republic of Moldova by Romania as foreign humanitarian aid has arrived in Causeni, the Material Reserves Agency announces.

“The first train set of 26 tank wagons, amounting to 1336 tons, after customs and technical transshipment procedures were received on 29 March. Yesterday, April 1, the density-volumetric measurements and laboratory sampling for the determination of qualitative indicators took place, and the procedure for distribution to the final beneficiaries is to be initiated,” the statement issued by the institution reads.

Farmers in Moldova have been waiting 16 months for diesel from Romania. Its distribution was one of the farmers’ demands during the most recent protests.

Earlier, the authorities in Chisinau reported that the energy resource did not reach Moldovan farmers due to the inability to store it.


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