The Government has updated the National Action Plan for Moldova’s Accession to the European Union

The National Action Plan for the Accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union for the years 2024-2027 has been updated by the Executive. The changes were made following the European Commission’s report of 8 November 2023, which came with new recommendations to improve the legislative framework and concrete actions to be carried out to anchor our country in the European family, the Government’s Communication Directorate reports.

Thus, the initial plan, approved by the Government in October 2023, was supplemented with 134 new actions out of a total of 1328 actions. The 386 actions will be implemented by August this year, and more than half of them respond to the recommendations of the Commission’s enlargement package.

The timely completion of the actions will subsequently be reflected in Moldova’s contribution to the Commission’s 2024 Report. It will improve the assessment of Moldova’s preparedness for each of the chapters of EU accession.


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