The Government of Moldova approved the extension of border crossing points for the import of petroleum products

The list of customs crossing points for petroleum products imported by road, rail, and sea is extended. To this end, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved a draft law, proposed at the initiative of the Ministry of Finance, which provides for the addition of the border crossing points, allowing the introduction of petroleum products, with Giurgiulesti-Galati, Cahul-Oancea, Sculeni-Sculeni, Mirnoe-Tabaki, Vulcanesti-Vinogradovka and Giurgiulesti-Reni (by road), Basarabeasca-Serpniovo-1 (by rail) and Giurgiulesti-Port (by sea), the government’s communication and protocol department reports.

Currently, the import of oil products by rail is allowed through the crossing points when entering the customs territory of the Republic of Moldova: Ochnita, Cuciurgan, Etulia, Giurgiulesti, and Ungheni, and using car transport – only through the border crossing points Leuseni-Albița, Tudora-Starokazacie, Otaci-Moghiliov-Podolski and Pervomaisk-Cuciurgan.

The project aims to extend quantities of the border crossing points for the import of petroleum products after the end of the state of emergency to the whole territory of the Republic of Moldova to ensure the decongestion of traffic at the border crossing points currently used for these purposes.

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