The Moldovan government has approved the National Development Plan for 2025-2027

The government is committed to building a European, safe, and prosperous country for its citizens and businesses, with the main actions and reforms outlined in the National Development Plan for 2025-2027, as reported by the government’s communication department.

This comprehensive document comprises 95 reform actions through 264 development projects. To enhance the pace of reform implementation and ensure optimal resource utilization, the government has introduced the platform.

Its digital initiative will provide an interactive environment for the efficient management of development projects in the Republic of Moldova. This platform enables authorities and development partners to access relevant project data, thereby enhancing transparency regarding development activities and the allocation of financial resources.


The government will evaluate the platform’s performance using outcome and impact indicators for each objective. It will then incorporate these evaluations into the consolidated annual report on the government’s activities, which it presents to Parliament.

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