The Moldovan leadership has sent messages to mark the 10th anniversary of visa liberalization with the EU: “It is essential to become an EU member state”

For a decade now, Moldovans have traversed the European Union’s borders freely, unencumbered by the need for visas. This milestone underscores the convenience of travel and the fundamental principles of peace, prosperity, and democracy that membership in the EU upholds. President Maia Sandu emphasized this today, marking the auspicious 10th anniversary of the visa-free regime.

“In asserting our European identity, Moldovans assert our right to unfettered existence—where we may roam, work, and live as freely as any other citizen of Europe,” President Sandu affirmed.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the profound impact of visa-free travel: “For a decade now, Moldovans have crossed into the European Union without hindrance, engaging in over 30 million journeys—reuniting with family, pursuing education, conducting business, and cherishing the essence of freedom.”

Meanwhile, Speaker Igor Grosu commemorated this milestone as a testament to Moldova’s enduring ties with the European Union.


Reflecting on the journey from April 28, 2014, when the European Union lifted the visa requirement for Moldovan citizens holding biometric passports, the Republic of Moldova became the trailblazer among Eastern Partnership countries in achieving visa-free travel with the EU. Over 2.5 million Moldovans have embraced this privilege, resulting in over 30 million crossings.

Indeed, visa-free travel represents one of the most tangible fruits of European integration for Moldovan citizens—an embodiment of the cherished freedom of movement. This liberty has fostered closer interpersonal connections and bolstered economic, social, and cultural bonds between Moldova and the European Union.

The Institute for European Policy and Reform reports that financial savings from visa liberalization with the EU exceeded 270 million euros, demonstrating the concrete benefits of increased integration and cooperation.

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