The searches are conducted in the case of document forgery in the process of obtaining Moldovan citizenship

Officers of the Anti-Corruption Center are conducting searches in a case of corruption and document forgery in the illegal facilitation of obtaining Moldovan citizenship. The State Services Agency reported to the Anti-Corruption Center about illegal citizenship obtaining.

According to the agency, several foreigners, mostly Russian citizens, intending to obtain Moldovan citizenship, acting personally or through authorized persons, using civil status documents with distorted content, obtained extracts from the birth certificates of persons born on the territory of the Republic. The documents were issued to persons with names and surnames similar to the alleged relatives (grandmother, great-grandmother) so that they met the conditions for obtaining citizenship.

As a result of investigative works, the Anti-Corruption Center officers conducted ten searches, after which they seized documents relevant to the criminal case. Also, they detained six persons.


During the period under review (01.01.2022-15.04.2024), 4,317 applications for citizenship of the Republic of Moldova were submitted, of which 2,577 were accepted, 210 were rejected, and the rest are in the process of examination or suspended until receiving answers from the authorities.

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