The trade deficit in Moldova increased to $1.2 billion

The Republic of Moldova produces and exports less than it imports. Thus, the trade balance deficit in the first quarter of 2023 amounted to $1.2 billion, having increased by 26.2%, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data.

In the first three months of the year, the export of goods and products amounted to 1.07 billion lei. The largest share was supplied to the EU – 62.3%, and to the CIS – 24.8%.

The re-export of foreign goods (after processing) in January-March 2023 amounted to $339.5 million (31.6% of total exports), or 1.7 times more than last year in 2022. This growth was reflected in the total volume of exports, increasing it by 13.6%.

For three months of the year, imports of goods and products amounted to 2.3 billion lei. For the period January-March 2023, a large share of imports was occupied by oil, oil products, and related products (16.9%), gas and industrial products derived from gas (10.9%), electrical machines and apparatus and their parts (6, 6%), highways vehicles (5.7%); medicinal and pharmaceutical products (3.5%).

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