The transfer of military equipment from the EU to Moldova could be regulated. The government explains why this is necessary

The transfer of military equipment from EU Member States to Moldova would be regulated. The Government is preparing a corresponding draft law and states that the decision is necessary for the cooperation program implementation.

According to the draft law, which is to be approved by the Government and submitted to Parliament for debate, the transfer of defense-related products between EU Member States and the Republic of Moldova is subject to prior authorization.

Government institutions or parts of the armed forces, the European Union, NATO, the International Atomic Energy Agency, or other intergovernmental organizations do not require delivery authorization, provided the transport is necessary for their tasks.

The measure will also not apply if the transfer is necessary for the implementation of a cooperation program between the Member States of the European Union and the Republic of Moldova relating to armaments, is related to humanitarian aid sent in the event of a disaster, is a donation in an emergency, is required for or after repair, maintenance, exhibition or demonstration.


The law will regulate the re-export of equipment but will also establish that disciplinary, administrative, or criminal sanctions apply in case of violation.

According to the authorities, the circulation of military products possesses specific characteristics and cannot conform to the general regulatory framework. Defense officials note in the project briefing note that several states producing military equipment are reluctant to allow exports.

According to the Ministry of Defence document, common mechanisms are required at the EU level to implement the “single market” concept.

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