Veterans of the Chernobyl accident and their families will be provided with apartments by the state: what is needed for this?

The state intends to provide 80 apartments to liquidators of the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Family members of deceased veterans can also receive one-, two-, or three-room apartments in the building on Alba Iulia Street.

To receive an apartment, potential beneficiaries must be citizens of Moldova, have an identity card of the participant of the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe, and do not own any residential property, land for construction, or houses on the land.
According to the draft to be discussed, the right to receive housing has persons who have not alienated or donated a house in private ownership or common property received after 1986, have not used benefits for the purchase or construction of houses, and have not participated in the privatization of real estate.

In case of aggregate fulfillment of the conditions by several applicants, priority will be given to persons who have received a disability as a result of the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident, who have relatives of the first degree of disability who need to be taken care of, who live in social housing that does not meet the requirements of technical and sanitary standards, which must be confirmed by a technical report issued by an authorized state body, or who from the state housing fund has living space within the minimum norm for every person in family.


The area of the house to be transferred to the private ownership of the beneficiary will be determined according to the composition of the family and the special needs of their members. The beneficiaries will bear the costs associated with the transfer of the apartment and pay the utilities.

For this purpose, an application must be submitted to the Housing Transfer Commission with the following documents:

  • identity documents, identity card of the participant of the liquidation of the consequences of the Chornobyl disaster;
  • a document issued by the State Services Agency on the presence or absence of immovable property owned since 1986 (if the SSA does not have such data, the request will be completed at your responsibility);
  • confirmation issued by the local public administration authorities that he/she has not used financial means from the state to purchase or build a house, certificate of family composition;
  • a certificate of disability classification (of the applicant or the child, as the case may be) issued by the National Council for the Determination of Disability and Work Ability or its structures;
  • a certificate issued by the mayor’s office of the territorial-administrative unit, confirming that the area of housing owned by each member of the recipient’s family from the public housing fund is below the established minimum norm of 9 m²;
  • the decision of the technical and sanitary commission of the territorial-administrative unit, which establishes that the dwelling does not meet technical and sanitary requirements;
  • in case of death of a person who participated in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chornobyl accident, family members (spouse or one of the children) present a marriage certificate and a death certificate, a birth certificate, a document issued by the State Services Agency on the presence or absence of immovable property belonging to the deceased, as well as the applicant;
  • an agreement on personal data processing.

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