(VIDEO) Customs issue. Serebrian accused Transnistrians of disinformation

Oleg Serebrian denied the information provided by Tiraspol regarding the provisions of the new Customs Code. According to the deputy prime minister for reintegration, the amendments cancel the fees for customs procedures, which were lower, and the rules that came into force are the same for entrepreneurs on both banks of the Dniester, not only for Transnistrian ones.

“According to the new Customs Code’s provisions, the fees for customs procedures, which entrepreneurs on the left bank of the Nistru River had been paying since August 2023, are canceled. The same unified customs fees have been introduced for both banks of the Dniester. There is no further differentiation in this respect. These customs duties are neither VAT nor excise duties. The volume of these taxes is higher in comparison with the taxes applied last year,” Serebrian said.


He explained that the amount of taxes is difficult to estimate, as the countries from which goods will be exported or imported and their total volume should be known. However, the deputy prime minister said that the new taxes do not apply to export-import operations with the states that signed free trade agreements with Moldova. This also concerns CIS and EU member states, Turkey, and the only country that has trade relations with Transnistria and applies such tariffs is China.

Serebrian estimated that for 2023, 60-70 million lei was collected for customs procedures and about 120 million lei for new customs fees. At the same time, he said, the money collected from these taxes also goes for medical and social assistance, education, and other services provided by the constitutional authorities to citizens living in Transnistria.

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