(VIDEO) Family Day was celebrated in Chisinau with fun and activities for children and adults

In the context of the International Day of the Family, the Directorate General for the Protection of Children’s Rights organized a colorful and cheerful celebration on Sunday, 19 May. The event included interactive workshops, games, and artistic performances designed to allow families to spend quality time together. 

“The Chisinau City Hall comes with a series of activities dedicated to the family so that dear people and families come together to have a nice time and learn interesting, innovative things. For us, it is important that every family knows that there is authority, that there is a Directorate that takes care of protection and can provide support in situations of difficulty”, said Angela Cutasevici, Deputy Mayor of Chisinau Municipality. 

“I want to come with a message to all families that they should have peace, health, and well-being. That’s what I think is the most important, and we, the General Directorate for the Protection of Children’s Rights, the Chisinau City Hall, are supporting these families. We have created various social services to help families, to help children,” said Tatiana Oboroc, head of the General Directorate for the Protection of Children’s Rights. 


Hundreds of children came to the Valea Morilor Park in Chisinau with their parents to participate in the numerous activities prepared especially for them. Participants expressed their delight and appreciation for such initiatives.

“It is the family that brings you a feeling of happiness, and I am happy that we have such events in the park, where everyone can walk and play with their children, friends, and loved ones,” said one woman.


 “It’s very nice, and we thank the City Hall for organizing such a nice event. We need to rest sometimes, to come and breathe some air, because too much work is harmful and too much kindergarten, too much school,” said one of the participants.

“Family is our home, our joy, our wealth. I have granddaughters, I have children, may they be healthy to everyone and us”, concluded a visitor to the event, 

Children and parents were encouraged to learn together about the importance of protecting the environment and what each family can do to contribute to a greener future.

“We had a table with recyclable waste, and we organized some masterclasses to see if the children at home together with their families sort the waste and to know that we were happy that they know the rules of sorting, being guided by their parents,” said Tatiana Cucovici, communicator at Regia Autosalubritate. 

Family Day was also a platform for dialogue and awareness raising, where participants could learn about the resources available to support and protect children. 

“Every family facing difficulties with children can contact the Directorate for Child Protection to speak with our specialists and find a solution to their problem. In addition, they can file complaints under the legislation in force on any situation of risk, of difficulty,” said Zinaida Micleusanu, head of the Directorate for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Ciocana sector. 

“We offer all our support and encourage families that in any difficult situation to turn to the Directorate General for the Protection of Children’s Rights without any doubts,” suggested Ludmila Zagoret, acting head of the Directorate for the Protection of Children’s Rights, Botanica sector.

Organizers held a similar cultural and artistic event dedicated to the International Day of the Family in “Alunelul” Park in the Buiucani sector. These initiatives underline the administration’s commitment to promoting family well-being and ensuring a healthy environment for the development of every community member.

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