(VIDEO) Gherasimov in Luxembourg: Explaining what the intergovernmental conference means

Cristina Gherasimov and the Office for European Integration members say good morning to Moldovans in Luxembourg. The officials explained the significance of the intergovernmental conference they are attending and what will follow the official launch of negotiations.

Member states have already reached a consensus on the negotiating framework with the EU, which Moldova will accept at the first conference, and negotiating chapters will be opened or closed at subsequent ones.

“The meeting on June 25 will include representation from all EU member states and us as a candidate country. The Belgian Foreign Minister will chair the meeting,” Cristina Gherasimov said.


The event will set out the principles of Moldova’s accession, how to assess the implementation of reforms, and what happens if our country does not progress or backslides. After the Luxembourg conference, there will be a presentation of the assessment of how national legislation aligns with European legislation.

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