(VIDEO) Is the “Chance” party repeating history? The party’s participation in the fall elections in question

The “Chance” party, affiliated with Ilan Shor, risks being unable to participate in the presidential elections on October 20 and the constitutional referendum. The deputy chairman of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), Pavel Postica, announced that the CEC detected several irregularities in the party’s activity. He made this statement during the program “Rezoomat” on RLIVE TV, moderated by journalist Ileana Pirgaru, on Wednesday, July 3.

“The Central Electoral Commission has completed a process of control of the political party “Chance” actions in the campaign for the general local elections, and we have detected several deviations and violations. The party was uncooperative and did not submit any documents within the deadline and in the format established by the Central Electoral Commission. For this reason, we have referred the matter to the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Justice has addressed it to the court. Now the Balti District Court is hearing the case on the limitation of the activity of the political party ‘Chance,'” said Pavel Postica.

Pavel Postica stressed that CEC can stop the activity of the Chance party for six months.


“If the court orders a six-month limitation on the party’s activity, it means the party cannot carry out political activities, participate in elections, distribute newspapers, or engage in mass information actions. It means that party will not be able to participate in the elections in the fall or the referendum,” said the vice president of the Central Electoral Commission.

As a reminder, in the November 2023 general local elections, the Exceptional Situations Commission of the Moldovan government decided to cancel the registration in the electoral race of all candidates of the “Chance” party. CEC affixed the “withdrawn” stamp on the ballot paper to all candidates nominated by this party.

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