(VIDEO) Maia Sandu gave an interview to Iurii Dudi. Is it true that Ukraine offered to solve the issue with Transnistria?

Moldovan President Maia Sandu gave an interview to Russian journalist Iurii Dudi. The interviewer asked the head of state about solving the issue with Transnistria with the help of Ukraine.

The head of state said there were no such proposals from the Ukrainian authorities.

“There have never been any official statements. (…) And unofficial ones as well. We have always said that for us, it is important to solve the Transnistrian conflict only peacefully,” Maia Sandu said.

When asked whether the head of state would now agree to solve the problem with the presence of peacekeepers in Transnistria, the president said – “We will not agree to this by military means.”


The head of state also commented on the situation with the ammunition depot in Kolbasna, as earlier in the media space, there was information that Ukraine might try to seize the depot due to the “shell famine.”

“Because of the separatist regime, the constitutional authorities cannot check what is stored there. We cannot check what is there. (…) From the first day of my mandate, we tried to resolve this issue with the Russian Federation and destroy what is stored there. Russia seemed to be open, but we did not find any solution. Of course, this is a problem, but there is no such talk because Ukraine respects our territorial integrity,” the head of state concluded.

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