(VIDEO) Moldova will not recognize the results of the Russian elections! Sandu: These were not free and fair elections

The Republic of Moldova will not recognize the results of the presidential elections, which were held in Russia, where the current president, Vladimir Putin, won another term. Putin’s result – 87.17% of the vote. It exceeded the results of the 2018 elections when 76.69% of voters voted for the candidate.

These statements were made by President Maia Sandu on Monday, March 18.

“There can be no free and fair elections when real opponents are removed from the race, some are even put in jail, others are expelled from the country… when repressions are so great that people are afraid to speak, to say, when nothing is left of the free press, this is not democracy and this, above all, is not what we want to build here (n.r. in Moldova),” the head of state added.

Moreover, Maia Sandu condemned the organization of elections by Russia on the left bank of the Dniester River without the consent of Chisinau.


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