(VIDEO) Prime Minister on 25 June: “The government will be ready with all ‘homework'”

Formal negotiations on Moldova and Ukraine’s accession to the European Union could start on 25 June, and the country’s prime minister, Dorin Recean, says the Government will be ready with all its “homework.”

The prime minister said, however, that “it is essential for all Moldovan citizens to get involved in the exercise of building European Moldova here at home.”

“We are aiming for the end of June for the official opening of negotiations, and the Government will be ready with all the homework so that we can officially open negotiations, which is very important, is for all of us to engage in an exercise to explain to all citizens what the advantages of the European Union are, what the advantages of the changes we are making for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova to build European Moldova here at home. And I will ask everyone to help us bring this message to everyone in the Republic of Moldova and encourage everyone to participate in the accession referendum on 20 October 2024,” concluded Dorin Recean.


An intergovernmental conference of EU leaders is due on 25 June, shortly before Budapest takes over the EU Council presidency on 1 July.

EU officials say, however, that any scenarios are unpredictable until Orban puts an end to the controversy over negotiations with Ukraine.

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