(VIDEO) Recean has confirmed that negotiations on Moldova’s accession to the EU are scheduled to start

Prime Minister Dorin Recean has confirmed plans for the official start of negotiations on Moldova’s accession to the EU. However, European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi emphasized that significant work remains.

“We intend to be ready by the end of June. Both the Commission and the Member States need to prepare. The date is not fixed, but there is a goal,” Recean said during a press conference in Brussels following the Moldova-EU Association Council meeting. Varhelyi acknowledged that Moldova still has tasks to complete but highlighted that the government has assured the European Commission that they will resolve these issues.

“The government has assured me they will resolve at least one more issue. I cannot determine if it will be completed by June 25th. The Commission has made all proposals to the Council to convene the first intergovernmental conference. Whether we can convene that conference remains to be seen. Of course, accomplishing all tasks will make achieving the goal easier,” Varhelyi concluded.


The eighth meeting of the Moldova-European Union Association Council began in Brussels on Tuesday. Several ministers, led by Dorin Recean, are in the Belgian capital to discuss Moldova’s EU accession, cooperation in various fields, regional security, the fight against cyber attacks, and other pressing issues with European officials.

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