(VIDEO) Serebryan after talks with Ignatiev in Tiraspol: Customs duties are symbolic

Chisinau’s position on the Customs Code has not changed, and the duties levied on Transnistrian businessmen are “symbolic.” Oleg Serebryan, deputy prime minister for reintegration, told journalists on the left bank after a meeting with Vitaly Ignatiev.

“Our intention is for this code to work. Of course, we must create all conditions for enterprises from both the right and left bank to work normally. I will emphasize once again that Chisinau’s intention is not to create artificial obstacles for enterprises that operate on the left bank of the Dniester,” Serebryan said.

At the meeting at the OSCE office, the sides did not reach a common denominator regarding customs duties and measures applied by the Tiraspol authorities against farmers from Dubasari. Serebryan criticized the decisions to increase the accounts of Moldovan-registered legal entities operating in the Transnistrian region, noting that the decision was taken to the detriment of the inhabitants of both banks of the Dniester.

For his part, Ignatiev justified Tiraspol’s decision by referring to the fact that the self-proclaimed authorities were looking for ways to solve the problem of covering customs duties. He said this was the cause of farmers being taxed and invoices being increased.


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