“VinOpera” International Classical Music Festival returns with an expanded three-day program of musical excellence

When it comes to celebrating culture, few regional events can rival the charms of the VinOpera International Classical Music Festival. Organized by the “Constantin Mimi” Foundation of the Republic of Moldova, the “VinOpera” festival, now in its seventh edition, is expanding its program again this year, offering three days of exceptional classical music concerts in three different venues. Two of the concerts, on September 14 and 15, will be free to the public, while the gala event will take place on September 6 at Castel Mimi Wine Resort, the only wine castle in Moldova, included in the top 15 most beautiful wineries in the world.

The event will bring together internationally renowned artists and musicians and promises to be the region’s cultural calendar highlight. Previous editions have thrilled audiences with the participation of such big names as renowned opera soprano Valentina Nafornita, baritone Yurii Samoilov, direct from the Salzburg International Festival, and Daniel Jinga, choirmaster, conductor, and director of the Bucharest National Opera, writes forbes.ro.

Castel Mimi Wine Resort, the event’s host since its first edition, is not only a historically important winery, but it is also a key promoter of cultural events in the region. Established in 1893, the Castel Mimi boasts a rich heritage of Moldovan winemaking history. Its impressive architecture, picturesque vineyards, and sustainability initiatives position Castel Mimi as a landmark in international wine tourism. In recent years, Castel Mimi has become a veritable cultural center, hosting numerous prestigious events that attract visitors worldwide. Its ongoing commitment to the arts celebration and preservation has cemented its reputation as a top cultural venue and a calling card of the Republic of Moldova.

“Castel Mimi is our main partner and host of the cultural events we organize, including the “VinOpera” International Classical Music Festival. This unique event annually attracts tourists worldwide to the Republic of Moldova, promoting the region and the country’s image. In 2023, we expanded the event to two other localities in the region and organized concerts with free admission for all those who wish to attend from the villages of Varnitsa and Bulboaca. This year’s edition will follow the same model, as we aim to make high-quality music accessible to as many people as possible. We have learned from our parents to take responsibility for ourselves, our families, and the community we are part of,” – Cristina Frolov, President of the “Constantin Mimi” Foundation.


In the spring of this year, the “VinOpera” event was named one of the top 5 best food and wine events worldwide by the public vote of the Wine Travel Awards, a specialized website that annually awards the best wine entrepreneurs. Previously, “VinOpera” took the title of “Best European Wine Event of the Year 2022” in the prestigious Council of Europe Cultural Routes competition organized by ITER VITIS. Key partners of the event include the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova (DRRM), the Romanian Cultural Institute in Chisinau, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, together with local public authorities.

“Constantin Mimi” Foundation – a promoter of culture and rural tourism in the Republic of Moldova

Founded in 2016 by Cristina Frolov, the “Constantin Mimi” Foundation promotes cultural values and national cultural heritage. It also focused on supporting cultural, economic, entrepreneurial, and social research and development projects in Moldova. The Foundation fosters sustainable regional development, strengthens public policies and the capacities of local public authorities, develops infrastructure projects, supports social inclusion initiatives, and promotes rural tourism.

One of its ongoing sustainable projects is the “Old Moldovan Road” project, a hiking trail. It will connect four villages: Bulboaca, Hirbovats, Varnitsa, and Gura Bicului in Anenii Noi. By launching this trail, they want to promote sustainable development in these villages by attracting investment and tourists, stimulating the local economy, creating new jobs, and increasing the well-being of local people who could market their products. This rural development project, initiated by the Foundation, is carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Tourism Office of the Republic of Moldova.

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