2023 results: 541 projects included in the European Village and European Village Express programs completed

In 2023, a total of 541 projects, encompassing both the European Village and Express European Village programs, were successfully concluded. These initiatives have significantly contributed to the well-being of approximately 358 thousand residents in rural communities.

Within the framework of the European Village program, 497 projects were initially sanctioned, with 264 projects already reaching completion. The cumulative value of these accomplishments stands at an impressive 658 million lei (equivalent to 32.9 million euros) sourced from the National Fund for Regional and Local Development.

Simultaneously, the Express European Village program saw the realization of 277 projects, amounting to a total value of 101 million lei. This program has empowered 399 town halls to execute and actualize impactful local development initiatives.

Notably, 22 projects were dedicated to the revitalization of nursery groups in 13 localities throughout the country.


In response to the evolving circumstances, the National Office for Regional and Local Development has extended the deadline for the European Village program by an additional six months. Mayors overseeing projects under the Express European Village program have been granted a three-month extension to ensure the successful completion of their respective initiatives.

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