Israel plans to hire thousands of Moldovan construction workers

Israel plans to attract significant labor resources from different countries to intensify construction work. The country intends to attract up to 70,000 foreign workers to restore the previous pace of construction.

Director General of the Ministry of Construction, Yehuda Morgenstern, announced plans to attract labor from Moldova, China, India and Sri Lanka. The plan is to hire 20,000 workers in the first trimester of 2024 to meet the needs of the construction industry.


Morgenstern noted that the labor shortage has significantly increased the construction time of projects, raising it from 27 to 34 months. In this regard, a resolution is proposed to increase the quota of foreign workers from 50 thousand to 70 thousand. This draft resolution is already ready to be submitted to the government and will be proposed for approval in the coming days.

According to Morgenstern, the Construction Ministry has also recommended accepting some 10,000 Palestinians for infrastructure projects outside Israeli cities and in coordination with mayors.

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