A flurry of accusations and counter-accusations ensues, with Gutsul lodging a formal complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office against Galbur. The politician’s reaction

Evghenia Gutsul expressed disquiet at a social media post by Dragos Galbur and indicated her intention to report the matter to the Prosecutor’s Office. The governor of Gagauzia has alleged that the leader of the National Moldovan Party has incited the “physical removal of the opposition.”

Galbur criticized on social media the meeting of parties close to Ilan Shor, held in Moscow. 

“As is customary, when they return to Chisinau, no harm will befall them, and the SIS will not extradite anyone for treason, as it has never done before. As I understand it, Russia has allocated US$250 million for the first phase of the 2024 power grab in Moldova. Regrettably, we have such weak leadership in such troubled times. In light of the fugitive oligarchs and Russia’s proxies in Chisinau, we must adopt a strategy akin to that employed by Israel in response to the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre organizers. This appears to be the only viable solution,” Galbur wrote on social media.

In response, Evghenia Gutsul suggested that it might be unwise to justify violence against citizens. She also expressed her opinion that this principle is the foundation of the rule of law.

“Such statements are a crime. The country’s leaders must condemn them. We are filing a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office. We hope the case will be thoroughly investigated,” said Gutsul.


The Bashkan’s message was swiftly disseminated by pro-Russian publications, Telegram channels associated with Ilan Shor and representatives of the former Shor party, who have expressed their reservations about its constitutionality.

“I can’t wait for the summons to the Prosecutor’s Office,” Galbur later reacted on social media.

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