A new Moldova-Romania border crossing point will be opened

A new state border crossing point is to be opened soon. It will be on the Moldovan-Romanian segment. The Cabinet of Ministers approved, today, the signing of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of Romania regarding the establishment of the Leova – Bumbăta crossing point.

Once established, it will allow speeding up and facilitating the crossing of the border by people and means of transport, streamlining cross-border traffic and reducing the waiting time at the other state border crossing points, which are now more in demand.

“A new point at the border will contribute to improving the processing capabilities of means of transport transiting the Republic of Moldova, developing the network of trade routes for cross-border traffic and increasing the level of security both nationally and regionally”, announces the Government.


In accordance with the provisions of the Agreement in question, the opening of the Leova-Bumbăta crossing point will be carried out after the creation of the appropriate infrastructure, as well as the provision of the necessary personnel, in accordance with the rules and standards in force.

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