Adina Valean at the “Railway Forum:” I have started the de facto integration of Moldova into the European Union through infrastructure

European Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean participated remotely in the “Railway Forum” held in Chisinau on Friday, March 15th, at the invitation of Minister Andrei Spinu. The forum, organized by Moldovan Railways in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the French Development Agency, serves as a platform for international financial institutions, private sector representatives, and state-owned railway companies to engage in discussions concerning the modernization and sustainable development of Moldova’s railway sector.

During her address, Commissioner Adina Valean emphasized her steadfast support for Moldova, noting her commitment as a Romanian politician and European Commissioner to fostering strong ties with the country. Given her role overseeing transport within the European Commission, she highlighted initiatives aimed at integrating Moldova into the European Union through infrastructure enhancements.

Furthermore, Commissioner Valean underscored a significant milestone for Moldova – its association with the European Integration Mechanism, the EU’s largest infrastructure fund, marking the first time Moldova, alongside Ukraine, gained access to such resources typically reserved for EU member states. Notably, initial funds from this mechanism have been allocated for road projects along the Romanian border in Ungheni, Leușeni, and Giurgiulești. Commending Moldovan authorities for their dedication to project implementation, she reiterated the European Commission’s unwavering support.


Commissioner Valean also assured Moldova of ongoing support, emphasizing the prioritization of transport initiatives within the region. She elaborated on investments in railway infrastructure backed by the European Commission, highlighting collaborative efforts with international financial institutions. Notably, she cited a €20 million grant from the external policy instrument, complemented by a €12 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), aimed at rehabilitating the north-south railway axis. Expressing hope for further project development following the forum’s deliberations, she stressed the importance of tangible outcomes from these discussions.

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