Adopted in the second reading: Privatizing Chisinau International Airport is no longer possible

Chairman of the Committee on Economy, Budget, and Finance, Radu Marian, amended the Law on the Application of International Restrictive Measures to prevent the privatization of Chisinau International Airport.

The document was adopted in the second reading by 55 MPs.

Recall, MP Radu Marian announced on social networks that Chisinau International Airport can no longer undergo privatization.


“We have registered an amendment to include the Chisinau International Airport in the list of assets that can no longer undergo privatization. This amendment will ensure that the airport remains in state ownership and will correct the mistakes made by previous governments. The amendment will also allow the Public Property Agency to resume the tender for the lease of spaces at the airport and create more favorable conditions for attracting more serious companies,” the MP said.

He also stated that “the criminal group ‘Shor’ still maintains control over some commercial premises at the airport” and emphasized that authorities will take necessary measures to remove them as soon as possible.

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