The MIDR is receiving advice from experts from Germany on how to optimize the railway network

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development (MIDR) is receiving advice from experts from Germany on how to optimize the railway network. During a meeting with the Deutsche Bahn Engineering team, we discussed railway infrastructure, which stimulates the economic development of the Moldovan Railways (MRC) and facilitates freight transport.

Railway Transport Company of Moldova presented them with the current situation in the field of rail transport in Moldova, the mechanism of management and operation of the railway infrastructure. They also talked about the challenges related to mobility.

State Secretary Mircea Pascaluta stated that the railway sector is undergoing a complete overhaul and emphasized the indispensability of technical assistance and support for preparing feasibility studies.


“Also discussed was the opportunity to improve internal and managerial audit processes and the best practices implementation within the company. Through rail infrastructure rehabilitation and modernization projects, we will increase the volume of goods transported and improve regional and international connections.

We want to modernize the railways to increase travel speed as much as possible to create a safe, efficient, and sustainable rail network that meets the current and future needs of our country and international partners, and this collaboration marks a main step in this direction,” says the Ministry of Infrastructure.

According to MIDR, Deutsche Bahn representatives have expressed their commitment to support the ministry’s efforts to develop the sector by creating a modern logistics hub.

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