Agro-industrial week at Moldexpo!

After two years, the “Agroindustrial Week” returns to MOLDEXPO – a triumph of positive trends for the agricultural sector and for exhibition activity. The event includes the international specialist exhibitions MOLDAGROTECH (Autumn) at its 40th anniversary edition and the FARMER exhibition at its 25th anniversary edition. Also, during the same period, the “Golden Autumn” fair will take place. (Remember that, in the last two years, the above-mentioned exhibitions were held away), writes

The mission of this year’s agricultural exhibition event is to demonstrate the viability and capacity of the branch, even in a difficult year, marked by the local drought, but also in Europe. Under these conditions, Moldexpo offers the business environment a unique communication platform, able to contribute to the facilitation of the producer-consumer relationship, to the identification of new markets and solutions in the ever-changing business conditions.


“Agro-industrial week at Moldexpo” arouses increased interest from specialist visitors, as well as consumers, economic agents in the agricultural sphere and some related branches. The event as a whole brings together about 200 participants from the Republic of Moldova, but also from other countries: Austria, Italy, Romania and Ukraine. Among the exhibitors are manufacturers and distributors of agricultural machinery, inventory and equipment for the agro-industrial complex and for gardening, farmers and peasant households from the republic, as well as banks, financial organizations, research institutes, international projects for the development of agriculture in Moldova, etc.

During the MOLDAGROTECH exhibition, combines, tractors, other machines and equipment for the mechanization of agriculture, with the most different destinations and the most diverse dimensions, will be demonstrated. The specialized scientific institutions will promote new technologies, aimed at increasing the efficiency of the cultivation, preservation and processing of agricultural products.

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