Anenii Noi – the pearl of the Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is rich in tourist attractions. We never tire of showing that our country is beautiful. Every corner of it is wonderful and unique in its way. Today, we will meet the city of Anenii Noi – a district in the central part of the Republic of Moldova and located about 40 kilometers southeast of the capital city of Chisinau.

Castel MIMI Wine Resort

At Castel MIMI is one of the top tourist attractions in Moldova. Listed within the top 15 most beautiful wineries in the world. MIMI is the only wine castle in Moldova. It was built in 1893, by Constantin Mimi, and since then it has gone through many evolutions, the most important of which took place in 2015, when the world-famous architect Arnaldo Tranti transformed our castle into an incredible tourist complex. The castle is located 42 kilometers from Chisinau, in the village of Bulboaca. And of course, it hosted the Summit of the European Political Community in June 2023.

Conacul Drăgălina, Gura Bâcului

The Janovski family mansion, also known as Drăgălina, is an architectural monument of national importance situation in the village of Gura Bîcului, built in the 19th century. An underground wine cellar was created at the estate, which became one of the largest private wine cellars in the country. In addition to the cellar, Karl Janowski built a large mill, stables, a calf house, and workshops. Some of these buildings have survived to this day, but most of them have been destroyed by time and people. According to legend, the Polish nobleman fell in love with Lina, the daughter of a local landowner. Karl called her “Draga Lina” (dear Lina). It was this legend that gave the estate its name – Drăgălina.

Lavender fields, Cobusca Noua

The lavender field at Cobusca Noua is a good attraction for tourists. Hundreds of people come to admire the view and take photos. On their way out they all receive a bouquet of aromatic flowers. It should be remembered that the lavender blooming period starts from mid-June and ends at the end of August. The entrance fee is 50 lei.

Ruins of the house of Charles XII, Varnița

The village of Varnitsa was first recorded in 1560, being part of the district of Bender, which was then under Turkish rule. Tourists coming to the town can visit the ruins of Charles XII’s house. This place offers an atmosphere that takes you back in time. Especially attractive is the tunnel leading from that house to the other side of the Nistru River.

Herbovets Forest

The Herbovets forest is located near Bender. It is under state protection, the area of the protected area is 26 36 hectares. The main species are acacia, ash, maple, linden, and walnut trees. The area of about 56 hectares is occupied by fruit-bearing shrubs: aronia, dogwood, sea buckthorn, black currant, and rosehip. Among animals, one can meet pheasants, roe deer, and wild boars. Dozens of apiaries are scattered all over the forest. The Herbovetsky forest serves as a scientific testing ground for the forest experiment station. Medicinal herbs, nuts, and honey are collected on its territory.

Did you know…
1. In the Castel MIMI you can see the oldest collector’s bottle in Moldova. It is the only copy, produced in 1727. It was brought from Bremen. The bottle is under UNESCO protection.
2. The town of Anenii Noi is first mentioned in documents dated June 27, 1731. There, the town is called Paszkan-pe-Byk.
3. The city has two twin cities: Korosten (Ukraine) and Bobruisk (Belarus).
4. Ivan Demyan, the leader of the Russian rock band 7B, was born in Anenii Noi.
5. In the village of Kobuska Noua a lavender field stretches for 80 hectares. Entire families come here. There is a fee to enter, but you will get a bouquet of lavender as a gift.

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