Reflecting on 2023: A Political and Global Overview of Moldova’s Memorable Events

As 2023 draws to a close, let’s reflect on Moldova’s impactful year, marked by local elections and significant European-oriented events.Explore our curated list of 2023 events and share your thoughts on the most crucial moments in the comments.

The Unfolding of the ‘European Moldova’ Assembly

The 2023 European Political Community Summit in Moldova

Return to the Romanian Language

The European Council has approved the start of accession negotiations for the Republic of Moldova to join the European Union (EU).

The Chișinău International Airport has returned to state management

General Local Elections and the Election of the Bashkan in Gagauzia

The Emergence of Several Moldovan Films, such as “Puterea probabilitatii,”Varvaraand “Tunete

The Unfolding of the War in Ukraine: Overflight of Moldova’s Airspace and Prigozhin’s Advance Toward Moscow

Moldova Secures a 3-2 Victory Over Poland in EURO 2024 Qualification Group ‘E’ Match


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