Angelina Taran: Wines made from local varieties bring gold to Castel Mimi

Wine journalist Angelina Taran has evaluated the wines produced in Castel Mimi from local grape varieties and the awards they have won at the most prestigious international competitions held around the world since the beginning of the year. The findings were presented on her Wine and Spirits blog.

Castel Mimi has emphasized local grape varieties in recent years. Its range of interesting wines is made from autochthonous varieties, both mono-varieties and blends. At first, they were experiments, which turned out to be very successful and rightfully took their place in the producer’s portfolio. Now the focus is on them. And Castel Mimi has become a promoter of these varieties. How successful, you can judge from the awards that win these wines at prestigious international competitions. Here are some recent achievements, writes wine journalist Angelina Taran on her blog.

For the first time in the years of participation of Moldovan wines in the Mundus Vini competition (Germany), the Big Gold Medal and the title of Best of Show Moldova red was won by the autochthonous wine – The Governor Feteasca Neagra, 2019 from Castel Mimi. This year 7430 wines from 45 countries were submitted to the competition (held on February 20-25). The 268 experts from 55 countries evaluated them.

Photos of the Best of Show wines, including The Governor Feteasca Neagra, 2019, were displayed on a huge panel in the Mundus vini testing area at ProWein, the world’s premier trade fair for wines and spirits (in Düsseldorf, March 10-12). Look at it. It’s impossible not to be proud.

Also awarded a gold medal at this competition was the Negru de Bulboaca Reserve, 2018, a blend that combined Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi, and Rara Neagra.

The silver medal was awarded to The Governor’s Blend, 2019, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Feteasca Neagra, and Saperavi.

At the world’s largest wine competition held under the patronage of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), the Berliner Wine Trophy Winter Tasting 2024 (Germany, February 22-March 1), the classic sparkling wine Diva Brut, 2021 was awarded a gold medal. It should be noted that in its assemblage, along with Chardonnay, it also has an autochthonous Feteasca Alba.

Castel Mimi Clasica Rara Neagra, 2020 also won a gold medal. Imagine what kind of competition these wines had to endure if about 8 thousand wines from 40 countries participated in the competition. The 200 experts from 29 countries evaluated them.

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles` 2024 Rosé Wine Session (Croatia, March 20-22) brought a gold medal for Castel Mimi Clasica Rara Neagra Rose, 2023. And, also a silver medal for Rose de Bulboaca Limited Edition, 2023, the success of which also benefited from the old local grape variety Feteasca Neagra in combination with Pinot Noir. This year’s Rose Wine Session featured 1,205 wines from 32 countries.

As we can see, it is a good start of the year for Castel Mimi wines from autochthonous grape varieties, whose victories bring glory not only for their producer but also contribute to the overall promotion of Moldova as a producer of quality wines.

We believe that nature creates and man only gives form. Nature, in its generosity and diversity, offers us in our area in Bulboaca, located in the Nistru Valley, a perfect palette. And the people of Castel Mimi, with their skill, their love for this land and the vines growing on it, convey in wine what the sun, moon, water, wind, and earth have created. In other words, these medals are an appreciation of the result achieved by the people of Castel Mimi, the extent to which they have been able to translate the perfection created by nature on this land where Castel Mimi is located into wines. These medals and recognition on the international stage are well-deserved honors. They are not only a symbol of the excellence of these wines, but also a tribute to the fertile soil from which our wines draw their essence, a tribute to the skilled hands and the rich history we strive to preserve in each bottle,” says Castel Mimi CEO Adrian Trofim.

Meanwhile, at the national conference dedicated to the results of the wine industry activity in our country in 2023 (held on April 5), the Feteasca Alba wine from Castel Mimi was presented as the best wine from the local grape variety Feteasca Alba.

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