New details about the scandalous airport tender: Technical specifications were not approved

The tender at the Chisinau International Airport, under which the authorities want to lease more than 5,000 square meters of commercial space, is based on the terms of reference that no one has approved or signed. More than that, it is not known who was the author of the conditions set out in this “document.” This was stated by civil activist Vlad Biletski.

According to him, on April 4, he sent a letter to the Chisinau International Airport asking for information about the commission that conducted the tender and the authors of the terms of reference. In the reply received from the new acting administrator of the company, Sergiu Spoiale, the activist was urged to wait until the tender was finalized in order not to scare off the members of the tender commission and not to influence them. Spoiale also admitted that the Chisinau International Airport, not anyone in particular, is responsible for the terms of reference’s elaboration. The question about who decided to cancel the tender was also not answered concretely.

Under these circumstances, there is every reason to believe that the terms of reference that hindered the tender were drawn up on someone’s instructions or under someone’s dictation so that no one would bear any responsibility, Biletski concluded.


He stressed that no matter how clever the legal tricks of the organizers of the tender may seem. The process participants will not be able to avoid responsibility because the decision that the tender committee will approve would be based on a worthless technical specification. It means that the responsibility will fall solely on its members.

After the airport’s first tender failed in February, with only Lagardere Travel Retail and LeBridge participating, the new administration launched a new tender. The offer submission period closed on March 25, and Lagardere Travel Retail was the only bidder.

The tender commission subsequently announced that the bid submission period was extended until April 15. But Infrastructure and Regional Development Minister Andrei Spinu has already stated that, according to amendments made by the government in January, the sole bidder can be declared the winner through direct negotiations.

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