Another missile, discovered in Moldova! During the bombings in Ukraine, the projectile fell in Briceni

A fallen missile was discovered by the border police, near the town of Briceni, the Police announced.
“A short time ago, near the city of Briceni, in an orchard, a missile was discovered. The explosive object was discovered by a patrol of the border police, who, due to the Russian bombings today, have intensified their level of attention. In accordance with the action plans of the MAI, the border police intensified patrols and raised the level of attention in the area of the Briceni and Ocnița police stations.

The area where the missile was discovered was cordoned off by police and border patrols. The specialized services of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, Bombteh and IGSU are expected at the scene”, the press release states.

We remind you that a missile shot down by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft system fell in the northern end of the town of Naslavcea, located on the border with Ukraine. The incident took place on November 1. The Russian attack did not affect the dam, but the electrical components related to the Ukrainian were targeted and affected.


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