Austrian Chancellor Opposes Fast-Track EU Accession for Moldova and Ukraine

Austria is against the accelerated accession procedure for Moldova and Ukraine to the EU. The statements were made by the chancellor during a meeting with deputies from the Austrian Parliament’s committee for relations with the European Union.

Nehammer stated at the meeting that Austria will not accept negotiations on Ukraine’s accession under current conditions and that there should be no preferential treatment, according to Digi24. He also mentioned that Ursula von der Leyen did not consult before announcing the perspective of accession negotiations for Ukraine.

“In a sign of solidarity, the prospect of accession should be offered to both Ukraine and Moldova,” said the official from Vienna, mentioning that his country, however, will oppose accelerated accession procedures.

Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also announced that opening negotiations for Ukraine would be contrary to his country’s interests. It has not been officially announced yet whether the decision will be made collectively or separately for each country.

The decision on accession negotiations is expected to be made at the EU Council on December 14-15. The decision must be voted on unanimously by all member states.


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