Benefits for entrepreneurs, municipalities and citizens: the Republic of Moldova joins the Digital Europe Programme

19 February 2024 – The Republic of Moldova joins the Digital Europe Programme, an initiative of the European Union, with numerous benefits for entrepreneurs, local administrations, the associative sector and citizens. Joining the programme means businesses, municipalities, NGOs and central institutions across the country will have access to European funds for digitisation.

The total budget of €7.5 billion is available for all programme member countries until 2027.

The Association Agreement for the Digital Europe Programme was signed on 19 February in Brussels by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Economic Development and Digitisation Dumitru Alaiba, and European Commissioner Thierry Breton, responsible for the Internal Market.

Thus, the Republic of Moldova will benefit from financial support and expertise to
Improve digital infrastructure and promote innovation and digital inclusion in society.

The country’s key strategic document for digital transformation is the Digital Transformation 2023-2030, approved last September. The document aims to develop an innovative and inclusive digital society with advanced infrastructure, digital governance and a business community that benefits from the opportunities of digitisation. Access to funding through the Digital Europe Programme will support the realisation of these objectives.


At the same time, through the Digital Europe Programme, Moldova will accelerate the process of digitisation of businesses and public administration. This will support startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and the public sector in their efforts to become more digital, thereby competitive and improving business models through the use of digital technologies advanced technologies.

The programme’s support is reinforced by a 95% reduction in contributions Moldova’s annual financial contributions until its completion in 2027.

Moldova will actively participate in future digital opportunities, in particular in the four areas to which it has been associated: supercar, artificial intelligence, digital skills advanced skills, deployment and optimal use of digital technologies and interoperability.

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