Prime Minister Dorin Recean met with US Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Chris Murphy

The government’s communication department reported that Prime Minister Dorin Recean recently convened with American Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Chris Murphy to address pressing matters regarding the security situation in the region, particularly in light of the hybrid warfare tactics employed by Russia in Moldova. Among the key topics discussed was the potential contribution of the United States to Moldova’s integration into the European agenda.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Recean expressed gratitude for the unwavering support extended by the USA towards Moldova’s reform initiatives. He underscored the significant role played by the American side in advancing crucial sectors of the economy, notably information technology and creative industries.

Highlighting the paramount importance of justice reform and combating corruption for national security, Prime Minister Recean reaffirmed Moldova’s commitment to these endeavors with continued support from the USA. Moreover, he emphasized the government’s dedication to fostering a conducive environment for attracting investments, particularly from American companies, across various sectors.


„Another priority reform backed by the USA is the justice reform. We will continue the effort on this segment and we will fight with the corruption, in order to ensure our national security. Priority stays also the creation of the conditions for the attraction of investors in diverse fields, including of American companies,’’ Prime Minister Dorin Recean said.

Prime Minister Recean emphasized Moldova’s attractiveness as a safe investment destination, aiming to position the country as a land of opportunity for American entrepreneurs. He specifically cited the financial, energy, and logistics sectors as areas ripe for investment.

In response, the U.S. senators commended the progress achieved by Moldova in implementing reforms and reiterated their willingness to assist in consolidating democracy and advancing Moldova’s European aspirations.

Additionally, both parties addressed the issue of foreign information manipulation, particularly the threat posed by Russian misinformation campaigns. They emphasized the importance of enhancing citizens’ critical thinking skills and empowering them to discern and counteract misinformation and propaganda effectively.

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