Better conditions at the maternity hospital in Ceadîr-Lunga! The institution was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment

The maternity hospital in Ceadîr-Lunga was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The donation worth 230 thousand dollars was provided by UNFPA-UN Population Fund, with the financial support of the USA. The medical institution was equipped with equipment in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, which were installed in the intensive care units for newborns and mothers, operating rooms, delivery rooms, post-operative rooms and mother-child lounges.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives of the Central Authorities and those of UTA Gagauzia, representatives of UNFPA Moldova and the Embassy of the United States of America in Chisinau.

“Our mission is to create good conditions for women, newborns, but also for all doctors working in this field around the world. The Ceadîr-Lunga district hospital is an institution with a very high potential because it serves over 75 thousand citizens. Annually, over 700 births take place in the hospital premises. It is very important that all the equipment we brought to the Ceadîr-Lunga hospital meets all the needs. We have drawn increased attention to newborns and the reanimation department for them”, said UNFPA Moldova Resident Representative, Dr. Nigina Abaszada.

This donation will contribute to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality indicators in the Republic of Moldova and will increase the access of women from the Republic of Moldova and refugees from Ukraine to quality reproductive health services.


“This equipment will allow us to provide high-performance services for women. I want to thank those who helped make this project possible. From year to year, the birth rate decreases throughout the country, but I am sure that in our country this decrease was motivated by the fact that we did not have the conditions. Now we have all the conditions, and next year we will have a real baby boom”, says the director of the Ceadîr-Lunga District Hospital, Natalia Popazoglo.

“We recognize that the possibilities of our country are limited and our resources are sometimes not enough to modernize the social infrastructure. We are grateful to our partners for their non-reimbursable help, for their personal involvement in solving the most acute problems of our country. We are obliged to develop the health system in order to stop the process of emigration and to have a good birth rate”, declared the Basque UTA Gagauzia, Irina Vlah.

The hospital in the Ceadîr-Lunga district is one of the 9 medical institutions that are equipped with medical equipment in the field of sexual and reproductive health. Thus, during the months of October-November, they are equipped with high-performance rescue equipment – operating tables and delivery tables, operating lamps, anesthesia equipment, resuscitation tables for the neonatal intensive care units and the gynecology units throughout the country. Similarly, medical institutions are equipped with medical furniture and furniture for patient lounges. The total value of the equipment delivered by UNFPA to medical institutions is 2.4 million US dollars.

Thus, 22 delivery rooms will be fully equipped, which will make over 15 thousand births take place annually in safer conditions, and newborns in serious situations will be saved thanks to the 8 units equipped with modern resuscitation and intensive care.

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