Billion-Dollar Economic Exchanges: Moldova-Turkey Commercial Trade Soars

“The volume of commercial and economic exchanges between the Republic of Moldova and Turkey reaches one billion dollars per year,” stated Nicu Popescu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. Thus, diversifying markets for Moldovan product exports, including entering Asian markets, is one of the priorities of Moldova’s economic diplomacy, emphasized Nicu Popescu.

“Countries like India, Egypt, the majority of the Middle East, and North Africa are significant importers of food products, and it’s often easier for us to sell these products in certain markets. Transporting through Giurgiulești and then onto the Black Sea to a country like Egypt doesn’t take very long. We already have an excellent economic partnership with Turkey, and there’s absolutely no reason why we couldn’t have similar objectives, with similar amounts, in our trade with countries like India or Egypt, as well as Jordan, Israel, and other interested states,” mentioned the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicu Popescu.

It should be noted that in 2022, Moldovan exports of products increased by over 45.3% compared to 2021. The largest shipments of goods were to Ukraine, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, and Iran.


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