BREAKING NEWS! Vlad Filat was found not guilty in a money laundering case. First statement: I expected anything!

Former Prime Minister Vlad Filat has been acquitted and cleared in the case against him for money laundering. Prosecutors had previously demanded seven years in prison for Filat. The sentence is subject to appeal within 15 days and was pronounced on Tuesday, May 7, by the Buiucani Court of Chisinau.

Anti-corruption prosecutors said they will appeal the court’s decision.

“We will study and analyze the reasons set out in the full sentence, which will now be handed to the participants in the trial. Given that the prosecution pleaded Vladimir Filat guilty to the crime of money laundering and considered that there is sufficient evidence confirming that the defendant committed the crime, the Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office will appeal this sentence within the 15 days provided by law,” said Anti-corruption Prosecutor Nadejda Busuioc.

Former Prime Minister Vlad Filat also made a few statements to the press.


“I have no way to comment on this court’s sentence. As long as this trial, this case has been going on for nine years, and the court process for five years. Beyond the fact that I am, in a way, hardened already with all these situations, it is about family. This state of uncertainty, at least, does not allow us to have a normal life. We will now see the motivating part of the sentence. I believe that we are at the beginning of the road because, in the Republic of Moldova, I have not yet seen a situation where an acquittal is not followed by a challenge from the Prosecutor’s Office, even if things are on the surface, see the case of Stoianoglo, and so on. I was in a state of expectation, I tell you honestly, I was in a state of expectation in any situation”, Vlad Filat said.

Anti-corruption prosecutors have requested a 7-year prison sentence for former Prime Minister Vlad Filat. The prosecution has also asked to charge Filat the 12.8 million lei to the state’s account as the counter value of the money laundered.

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