Building Security Bridges: Minister Efros and Major General Hunt Forge Strong Ties

In a bilateral meeting, Adrian Efros, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, held discussions with Major General Marvin T. Hunt, the Adjutant General of the North Carolina National Guard (USA).

The dialogue focused on various aspects related to the security environment in the Republic of Moldova. Special attention was given to Moldova’s capacity to manage multiple overlapping crises in recent times.

During the meeting, both officials appreciated the growing dynamics of security cooperation between the two states. Minister Efros expressed confidence in the strategic prospects of collaboration.

The exchange of experience between the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) and their counterparts from the USA was also addressed, with the objective of adopting best practices in dealing with exceptional situations and modernizing operational technologies to enhance the efficiency of interventions, particularly in firefighting efforts.


Minister Efros reiterated that the USA remains a trustworthy partner in the development of the internal affairs system in Moldova.

Both parties reaffirmed their mutual support in organizing future joint exercises, as well as in strengthening cooperation in the field of cybersecurity, securing critical infrastructure, and enhancing the partnership between the police and society in crisis management. The officials expressed confidence that this meeting will lead to concrete steps and actions, as well as the consolidation of unity and the strategic outlook of cooperation between the two states, including identifying the need for a joint action plan.

It is worth noting that the authorities of the USA consistently reiterate their support for Moldova’s European perspective through bilateral partnerships and projects aimed at strengthening the country’s security sector at strategic, intergovernmental, and operational levels.

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