Business Brains conference. Over 300 entrepreneurs meet in Brașov

Over 300 entrepreneurs from Romania, France, the USA, Dubai and the Republic of Moldova will meet at the Business Brains conference, at Poiana Brașov on November 3, 2022 to discuss how to adapt to the changing business environment and about current entrepreneurial challenges.

The Bessarabia Businessmen’s Club is proud to host this unique opportunity for business leaders from across the country to come together and exchange experience between all members – from investors, entrepreneurs and top managers, to future startups and young people interested in business.

In addition, during the networking session of the Business Brains conference, participants will have the unique chance to establish relationships with potential investors, with experienced entrepreneurs and even diplomats.


This year’s conference will be an exciting one, with presentations and discussions by distinguished speakers, who will expound on the latest changes in the business world, as well as practical advice on how to deal with them.

The agenda of this year’s edition includes workshops, discussion panels and presentations of leading experts in their industries, CEOs and investors with businesses of success on the markets of Romania, the Republic of Moldova and other countries.

Access to the conference will be limited to available seats, on the basis of a ticket, available on Online participation is free, additional details will be announced on and social networks.

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