Chisinau Airport announced the launch of a new tender for the commercial premises lease. What has changed in the rules?

Chisinau International Airport (AIC) announces the launch of a new public tender, the third in a row, for the commercial spaces previously owned by Ilan Shor. Officials issued a press release on a Wednesday morning, 29 May, announcing that they would conduct the auction according to new criteria.

“Dividing the tender into two lots, 1st lot Travel Retail (shops) and 2nd lot Food and Beverages (restaurants); Reducing the number of airports where participants must demonstrate their activity from 10 to 7 airports; Extending the term of the lease from 3 to 5 years;

They have reworded the mandatory criteria to include additional explanations, leaving no room for interpretation. They will publish the information press release in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova on 31 May 2024 and will publish the Specification on the official website of the airport:”, the AIC release reads.


The schedule of the public tender process is as follows:
Submission of applications to participate in the tender and visit of the premises: 1 June 2024- 24 June 2024;
Examination of applications 25 June 2024- 26 June 2024;
Conduct of the auction and announcement of the winner 2024 – 27 June 2024.

The authorities canceled the first tender because only two companies submitted applications. These were the firms “LeBridge and Lagardere, which does not ensure sufficient competition,” Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development (MIDR) Andrei Spinu announced earlier.

Subsequently, the authorities announced a new tender, but only Lagardere submitted a bid. Even after extending the application deadline, other companies did not want to participate in the tender.

Initially, the AIC announced that if only one candidate remained at the end of the extended deadline for submission of applications, “the organizer of the tender will consider the procedure completed, by the provisions of the Regulation on how to lease unused assets, approved by Government Decision No 483 of 29.03.2008, in conjunction with the provisions of the Regulation on tenders with call for tenders and with reduction, approved by Government Decision No 136 of 10.02.2009.” However, the authorities have suspended the tender and will relaunch it.

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