Defense Ministry plans: new military college to start next year

The Moldovan Defense Ministry announced plans to establish a military college at the Alexandru cel Bun Academy. The new institution will operate within the Academy and start accepting students next year.

According to the Defense Ministry, the college will train up to 60 students annually, preparing professionals in military specialties who have never been trained in Moldova previously. It is the inaugural institution in Moldova dedicated to training officers and military technicians with post-secondary education.

The planned program will include post-secondary vocational education, which opens new opportunities for the country’s young people to choose a career in the military field. The institution will also receive substantial funding. It includes faculty salaries, student stipends, and other necessary resources for training.


The government plans to approve the decision to establish the college at a meeting on May 29, 2024. It will empower Moldova to train skilled military personnel, decreasing its dependence on external partners.

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