Chisinau and Bucharest are already compiling the first list: Romanian Ambassador about the sanctions regime

Chisinau and Bucharest jointly draw up the first sanctions list of persons involved in destabilizing actions. This was announced by the Ambassador of Romania Cristian Leon Turcanu.

According to the diplomat, the process of adopting this regime has become the fastest in the history of the community.

“It contributes to the security and resilience of the Republic of Moldova, and it will be a measure that will increase the security of Romania and its citizens. Romania is already working with the authorities of the Republic of Moldova on the first list of sanctioned persons”, he said.

On Friday, April 28, the Council of the European Union approved a new sanction regime that allows the imposition of restrictions on persons that undermine the sovereignty and independence of Moldova.

According to the approved mechanism, the EU will be able to prosecute those who obstruct the democratic process and seek to overthrow the constitutional order, including through acts of violence. Restrictive measures are directed against persons committing serious financial violations in relation to public funds and unauthorized export of capital.

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