Chisinau denies allegations regarding the “economic blockade” in Transnistria

The volume of the import of goods in the Transnistrian region combats the rhetoric of the so-called regional economic blockade that the so-called authorities from Tiraspol talk about more and more often, after the Political Bureau for Reintegration presented the statistical data that show the opposite of the separatists’ statements.

According to the quantitative percentage share of goods imports in the region for the first semester of the current year, compared to the total imports throughout the country, 20.42% of the total frozen meat and fresh, chilled and frozen edible organs went to the separatist region, as well as 17.66% of the total live, fresh, frozen fish and seafood or 10.40% of the total gasoline etc.

“The correlation of some figures of imported goods with the number of residents with permanent residence in the eastern districts of the country highlights a difference in some categories of goods that is 2-3 times greater compared to the right bank of the Dniester, which indicates that those goods are not consumed exclusively in the region but also penetrate other consumer markets. Moreover, this year there is an increase in the demand for goods purchased on the right bank of the Dniester, and the companies in the region, which carry out external commercial-economic operations, according to the rigors of the national legislation in force, continue to benefit from a series of facilities tax-customs. Accordingly, Tiraspol’s accusatory and provocative rhetoric is unfounded and devoid of verifiable proven data,” reads a press release from the Bureau.

We specify that the alleged authorities from the separatist region have recently accused the constitutional authorities in Chisinau of “intentionally creating a blockade”, so that not enough food, consumer products or medicines arrive in Transnistria. The separatist leader from Tiraspol, Vadim Krasnoselski, also complained to the Russian Federation authorities about this so-called economic blockade of the internationally unrecognized region.


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