Chisinau mayor and chairman of the MAN party Ion Ceban supported the referendum: I am in favor of Europe at home

Ion Ceban, the capital’s mayor and chairman of the MAN party, supported the referendum that Maia Sandu is asking to organize.

“MAN and I personally stand here, at home, for a Europe with the necessary standards, where there is transparency, depoliticized institutions, reforms in all fields, not reforms in the interests of the party, a developed economy, protection of local producers, education, health care and access to a decent life in Moldova, where people want to stay. However, the EU standards contradict the ruling party’s actions,” Ion Ceban said.

He added that the MAN party has repeatedly advocated consolidating society around Moldova’s accession to the European Union.


“The signing of a joint declaration of all political forces and civil society, modeled on the Snagova Pact proposed by the MAN party, should be implemented and unite all our political forces around the national idea of Moldova’s European integration, while the referendum is the highest form of democracy and expression of the will of the people,” the mayor wrote in Telegram.

The Snagov Pact was signed in 1995 by 14 Romanian parties, which agreed to support the idea of Romania’s accession to the EU.

Recall that on December 24, Maya Sandu said that she would run for president and also proposed to organize a referendum.

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