Closer to the EU! Moldova and Romania Sign a Memorandum of Interconnection for Gas and Electricity Networks

The Ministers of Energy from the Republic of Moldova and Romania signed a Memorandum of Understanding today regarding the implementation of projects for the interconnection of natural gas and electricity networks.

“This Memorandum confirms our very intense cooperation until now, and I am grateful to Romania for its unconditional support, being our main partner and advocate for integration into the European Union. The Memorandum will contribute to achieving our goal of becoming part of the European energy market even before becoming a member of the European Union,” stated Victor Parlicov, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Moldova.

The Minister of Energy of Romania specified that Transelectrica will soon announce the tender for the construction of the high-voltage line Suceava-Bălți, which will be completed in 2, maximum 3 years, and requested OPCOM to accelerate the process of launching activities in the Republic of Moldova.


“Romania is on the verge of achieving energy independence, being a net exporter of electricity this year and relying only on domestically produced gas. Regarding energy security, we have been pleased to see investments in infrastructure in recent years, allowing the diversification of supply sources, and we plan the next steps. Energy is the heart of the economy and can be used as an instrument of blackmail or as a tool for development, and the Republic of Moldova can always count on Romania’s support,” declared Sebastian Burduja, the Minister of Energy of Romania.

The memorandum signed today envisions the possibility of increasing the capacity of natural gas transport and expanding the Iași-Ungheni-Chișinău gas pipeline by constructing a gas transport pipeline – the Chișinău Belt. This objective could be achieved by the end of 2031. Additionally, support will be provided for the development of the natural gas storage system in Romania by increasing the capacity of natural gas storage at the Sărmășel depot and/or constructing a new depot in Fălticeni.

In the context of the recent synchronization of the power system of the Republic of Moldova with the European network of electricity transmission system operators ENTSO-E, in the field of electricity, the Memorandum focuses on the 400 kV Suceava – Bălți Overhead Line (OHL), the expansion of the 400 kV Suceava substation and the 400 kV Bălți substation, the 400 kV Overhead Line interconnection project between Strășeni and a substation in Romania, established by CNTEE “Transelectrica” SA, as well as the development of the existing 110 kV Huși-Cioara electricity interconnection line.

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