Closer to the EU: Recean congratulated the citizens after the EPС Summit

After the Summit of the European Political Community, held in Bulboaca, Prime Minister Dorin Recean congratulated the citizens. He announced this at the beginning of the cabinet meeting.

According to him, the authorities have shown that Moldovans can feel like they are in the European Union. At the same time, he noted that even those who were against him discussed this event.

“We congratulate the citizens that we have become closer to the EU. We have shown that we can enable people to feel that they are in the EU. Our task is to spread it throughout the country,” added the head of the Cabinet of the ministers.

The summit of the European Political Community was held on June 1 at Castel MIMI in the village of Bulboaca. The event brought together some 50 European leaders to discuss security, energy, and EU enlargement.

The EPC Summit is a platform for political and strategic discussions on the future of Europe. Member states strive for political cooperation, resolving issues of common interest, and strengthening their stability and security.

The community appeared last year at the initiative of Emmanuel Macron. The leaders of the member states met for the first time in October 2022 in Prague.

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