Contains criteria different from European ones: the government approved a draft on the denunciation of two more agreements with the CIS

The Moldovan government has approved a project to denounce two more agreements with the Commonwealth of Independent States. We are talking about an agreement on technical barriers in the Free Trade Zone and one that concerns the main areas of cooperation between the CIS member states in consumer protection.

Both documents were signed in 2000. According to the Minister of Economy, Dmitry Alaiba, these agreements are no longer relevant for our country. As the official added, about free trade, the draft (about denunciation – ed.) states that it contains criteria that are different from European ones, which our country must implement in the process of joining the EU.

At the same time, the Government approved the ratification of the Convention of the Member States of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM on Mutual Assistance in Consular Matters. According to the document, the GUAM states will assist the countries that signed it in states where the bodies that granted them citizenship do not have diplomatic representation.

The MFAEI specified that our citizens will provide diplomatic support in the embassies of Ukraine, Georgia, or Azerbaijan if they encounter difficulties in a country where there is no Moldovan diplomatic mission.

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