Controversy Erupts as Russian History Textbooks Enter Moldova’s Transnistrian Region

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicu Popescu, Deputy Dan Perciun, and Reintegration Premier Oleg Serebrian have responded to the fact that 2,500 history textbooks for ninth-grade students have reached the Transnistrian region from the Russian Federation. In these textbooks, students in the separatist region will learn about the “reunification of Crimea with Russia,” the “terrorism of Ukrainian neo-Nazis,” and “Kyiv’s preparation for an attack on Russia.”

“It is evident that the Transnistrian region is an integral part of the Republic of Moldova. The activities of the Russian Federation in this region of the Republic of Moldova are unfriendly towards Moldova. Many of them are illegal, including the illegal Russian military presence, contrary to the Constitution and international legal norms. And even such situations once again denote a challenge and an unfriendly gesture initiated by the Russian Federation towards the citizens of this country,” stated Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicu Popescu at the press conference held after the Moldovan government session.

In turn, Deputy Dan Perciun mentioned during the press conference that the 2,500 textbooks likely reached the Transnistrian region through diplomatic mail, and they expect a strong reaction from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

“I will reiterate the message of the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for European integration. It is an unfriendly gesture on the part of the Russian Federation, one of the many unfriendly gestures taken in relation to the Republic of Moldova in recent times. I believe there will be a response from the Ministry. Of course, we condemn this additional effort to promote false narratives that go against our national interests and the truth,” said Dan Perciun.

When contacted by, Reintegration Premier Oleg Serebrian stated that the batch of textbooks did not pass through the checkpoints of the Republic of Moldova, but he is unaware of the other channels through which they reached the Transnistrian region.

It should be noted that Russia has sent 2,500 history textbooks to the Transnistrian region in which events in the modern history of the Russian Federation, including the military aggression against Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, are presented in a distorted manner, similar to Russian propaganda.

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